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Childhood is a crucial period for receiving stimuli from the unknown world.

Childhood represents the peak of creativity and is an age where stimuli from the unknown world are particularly important.

Adequate recognition and guidance from renowned artists and related scholars can enhance children's interest and motivation in the arts.

Children, especially when they receive positive feedback from famous artists, improve their self-evaluation and confidence.
Furthermore, guidance from internationally renowned artists promotes children's creative growth.

[This is our proposal from ICO]

We encourage incorporating the perspectives of domestic and international artists and child psychologists into children's curricula through modern educational methods that utilize contemporary AI-based simultaneous interpretation systems (e.g., like ZOOM). This expands children's horizons to an international perspective, nurturing their innate curiosity and opening up new possibilities for them.

Through guidance from famous artists and scholars, teachers and parents can learn approaches to art education and emotional development and support children's growth from different perspectives.

Of course, it's most important for children to enjoy art, and it's crucial not to overly emphasize competition and pressure.

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