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"地球のこどもは、みんな君の友だち"   "All the kids of the earth are your friends"   "地球上所有的孩子都是你的朋友"   "Tutti i bambini della terra sono i tuoi amici"   "Alle Kinder der Erde sind deine Freunde"   "Tous les enfants de la terre sont vos amis"   
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                                           (Ilustrated byJo Sickbert USA )

Volunteer activity
Purpose of establishment of

"Kids World Art Gallery"

In the near future, we will have a global society that transcends race, ethnicity, and religion.
For the next generation of children who will enter such a society, it is important to have common international points of contact and exchanges.

We at the ICO Volunteer Group have chosen children's art as a visual language to overcome the language barrier from children.
This "World Children's Art Gallery" is a place for that interaction.

No matter what country children are from, all children have pure hearts and dreams.
If this "world children's art gallery" is transmitted to the online space beyond time and space, what kind of social and international human relationships will be formed in the future of those children?

Will this universal platform for presenting children's drawings become a crossroads that will help build a peaceful community for children in the future?

We believe in that possibility, and with the cooperation of the children's parents, we launched this long-term project centered on international emotional education.

We sincerely hope that the activities of this project will develop into a peaceful stateless “global family” composed of children in the future.

"Kids' World Art Gallery" project
Organization: ICO Promotional Committee 

What's "Kids' World Art Gallery"...,
Art cooperation "Estelle Peat" ( Netherland )
"Kids World Art Gallery"

"Children's Art Gallery" is an intersection of virtual spaces where children from all over
the world interact through art (visual language).

Please click the illustration above and enjoy the world of children's art.

Submit your work here
(it's completely free)

You can easily create your own gallery by simply dragging your child's work from this page.

This gallery is not just a personal gallery.

The gallery will be a lifelong memory of your child, engraved with the kind words of a respectable mother and the advice of a teacher as a memorial.


Words from the Wise Men of the World

We have received words of encouragement from people who wish for the happiness of children around the world. These people include worldwide doctors, child psychologists, and intellectuals with high social status.

Friends connected through art, together with their emotional intelligence, will naturally expand harmony in the world, where mutual friendships can be nurtured.

Especially for parents, please read these words and connect the hearts and minds of innocent children and spread them to an international circle of childhood friends.

Words from supporters the world. 

At the same time as the idea of this Kids World Art Gallery volunteer activity, we received many words of support from people around the world who were worried about the future of children.

Friends connected through art, together with the emotional education effect, will naturally expand the world of harmony where mutual friendship can be nurtured.

( If possible, please send us your opinion freely. )



Visual communication nurtures mutual harmony among the next generation

What is the ICO who organizing this project?
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"地球のこどもは、みんな君の友だち"   "All the kids of the earth are your friends"   "地球上所有的孩子都是你的朋友"   "Tutti i bambini della terra sono i tuoi amici"   "Alle Kinder der Erde sind deine Freunde"   "Tous les enfants de la terre sont vos amis"   

"Kids' World Art Gallery" project
Organization Promotion Committee











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