People who supported children around the world and posted advice through this project.

"Dear children, the creation of the online gallery is a great pleasure to see.
It permits me to stay young, imaginative, always looking for the new ideas.
Saying simply, brings me happiness, which I wish for you too"

Andre Dahan
(A famous French artist who has made many children's picture books hit.)



Anthony Quinn believed that all children are naturally creative thinkers-but that their creative edge gets dulled when they are consigned to a rigid educational environment.

Creative thinking needs to be nourished and encouraged throughout one's life.
Imaginative thinking and creative expression help develop and strengthen traditional skills; the very skills needed to work through the complex choices we make every day.

Anthony loved to have our children around him while he worked.
He would watch them paint freely and playfully.
Their energy inspired him and gave him the courage to create without inhibition.
I believe your project will do the same. It will inspire children around the world to support each other through their creativity.

Thank you!

Katherine Quinn   ( Anthony Quinn Foundation/Founder & President )

Anthony Quinn's Art
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Based on the Milan head restaurant, expansion involved a New York branch of her authentic Italian restaurant, IL DIVO.

   The disparity between children's environments can be
   attributed to the parents' occupation, income and
   educational background.

   As unfortunate as this is, love, kindness and trust are not
   socioeconomically dependent.

   Masao Kimiwada
   ( Former Asahi Newspaper Editorial Officer )
    ( Former President / Chairman & president of Asahi Television Station )


In a world where technology is impacting on childrens' brain development, practicing art and music from an early age becomes more and more important.
There is an increasing amount of evidence that art and music enhance brain function by influencing brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system and serotonin levels.
Art and music can change a child's outlook and the way they experience the world.

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It's so good to draw!!
Try to pick up a story you really like and start bringing that story to life.
It is a wonderful pleasure to turn words into images.

And children have the power to do it so easily through their imagination, fantasy and dreams.
Through the eyes of a child, life is undoubtedly much more beautiful and colorful.

I was born with a tendency to draw.
Even in Secondary School, at the age of 13, all of my exercise books (be it Maths, Portuguese, Chemistry...) were filled (all the white spaces available) with the most varied comic strips, caricatures of the teachers and other topics that occurred to me during lessons.

I would also pen draw my rubber, which I also used as a stamp ... Later, already as a professional, I initiated my activity as a graphic designer with children's book illustrations. I loved making them.

I have always told stories to my daughters with the help of my immediate drawings.
I also collaborated in teaching children through TV broadcasts (where I illustrated, live, the contents of each subject).

What a fantastic opportunity this "WORLD CHILDREN'S ART GALLERY", a meeting point for the dissemination of children's artistic creation, in the sense of creating bonds of friendship.

Joao Machado (Portugal)



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Children of the world unite in your creativity, and through this we can see world peace.

Julie Whiting   ("Kids World Art Gallery" volunteer group member)


It is a joy to see the creative images on this website. These kids are truly amazing!

Bob Morris  ("Kids World Art Gallery" volunteer group member/ former teacher & Graphic Arts)


Children's art is pure expression, unfettered by adult insecurities.

Dr. Faith Morris, ( Dr. Faith Morris, Elementary School Educator


* turn off your computer, and remember to make some art.

*remember making art has no rules...and have some FUN

* making art makes you feel better

* art can be drawing, collage, painting, finger painting....creativity has many different looks

* study the art of the great masters, and remember making art is the greatest way to express yourself.
Mike Quon, (American artist and designer)


                Mrs Quon