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Katherine Quinn

Anthony Quinn Foundation / Founder & President (USA)


Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn believed that all children are naturally creative thinkers-but that their creative edge gets dulled when they are consigned to a rigid educational environment.

Creative thinking needs to be nourished and encouraged throughout one's life.
Imaginative thinking and creative expression help develop and strengthen traditional skills; the very skills needed to work through the complex choices we make every day.

Anthony loved to have our children around him while he worked.
He would watch them paint freely and playfully.
Their energy inspired him and gave him the courage to create without inhibition.
I believe your project will do the same. It will inspire children around the world to support each other through their creativity.

Thank you!

Katherine Quinn   ( Anthony Quinn Foundation/Founder & President )


想像力豊かな思考と創造的な表現は、伝統的なスキルの開発と強化に役立ちます。 私たちが毎日行う複雑な選択を処理するために必要なスキルそのものです。

あなたのプロジェクトも同じことをすると思います。 それは世界中の子供たちが彼らの創造性を通してお互いをサポートするように刺激します。


キャサリン クイン(アンソニー クイン 財団/創設者兼社長)