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Kyoko Watanabe

General hospital / dermatologist (Japan)


I have two daughters.
My eldest has been learning the piano since the age of five. She dislikes daily practice but because I want good outcomes, I continue to encourage her. As a result, our relationship is sometimes strained.

My second daughter has been watching this, and said that she doesn't want to play the piano. Instead she started learning to paint.

Piano pieces have a fixed pitch and speed and the performer needs to adhere to the rules.
Art is not so black and white, and no matter how you draw the subject, failure is impossible.

I still don't know how each lesson will affect our daughters in the future.
However, I believe that parents and children get more happiness from the fluidity of art, rather than aiming for fixed correct answers when raising children.

Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai
General Hospital Dermatology Department

Ms. Kyoko Watanabe